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In our vein treatment center in Lowell, MA, advanced laser technology is used for the treatment of spider and varicose veins with excellent results. Varicose veins appear as large, swollen, twisted veins which are often blue or dark purple in color. They occur because of faulty valves which cause backflow and pooling of blood. 

Spider veins are small damaged veins that mostly appear on the face and legs. They are usually blue, purple or red in color resembling a web or fine lines.

Laser Varicose Vein Treatments at Vein Center in Lowell MA

Laser treatment is an excellent solution for varicose veins. During this procedure, energy from a laser source is used in a very controlled fashion within the vein. The device sends a thin beam of light energy into the veins, which helps close and shrink varicose veins. Laser Vein Treatment causes the formation of scar tissue within the vein, sealing it off. After the procedure, blood flows through other veins nearby.

It is very important to get the procedure done by an experienced vein doctor due to risks associated with it. At our vein center, we combine advanced technology with knowledge and experience. Having experienced doctors like Muzzamal Habib, MD, our outcomes are always great.

Laser Spider Vein Treatments at Vein Center in Lowell MA

The underlying mechanism for the treatment of spider veins is essentially the same as the one for varicose veins but laser light is applied to the spider veins through the skin, which is absorbed by blood cells in the veins. These blood cells heat up, and as the energy increases, which eventually destroys the blood vessels around them. The damaged vein then goes through the natural process of first shrinking and then completely disappearing. Like varicose veins, this procedure should also be performed by an expert to avoid any complications. Our patients are always satisfied with the outcomes of the procedures performed by Dr. Muzzamal Habib, our vein specialist at Boston Vein Care.

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