To provide care which is based on sound medical knowledge and experience, combined with modern, safe, and effective equipment in order to achieve the best possible vein/vascular health and excellent aesthetic results for our patients.

At the same time, we aim to provide the most efficient service for referring physicians by devising a streamlined system which provides diagnostic care for their patients. This system also allows physicians to share information securely and promptly.


  • Relaxed, compassionate, and safe environment.
  • We believe in listening and understanding patient needs in order to design a patient-specific treatment plan
  • Be honest, realistic, and not give false expectations
  • Only practice evidence-based medicine.
  • Quality, efficiency, and convenience initiatives at each and every step.
  • Ongoing research and contribution to medical knowledge.


  • Patient safety is our first consideration in whatever we do. We achieve this goal by multiple means, like.
  • We only hire highly qualified staff; all our physicians and nurses are ACLS certified.
  • Staff is trained and ongoing safety and relevant education.
  • Our equipment is certified, serviced, and calibrated to meet or exceed FDA and state regulations at all times.
  • Patient and staff safety guidelines and protocols are implemented.


We are a progressive medical practice that is constantly striving to improve our system for our patients, staff, and referring providers. The following are a few of our current initiatives to achieve this aim:


INTEGRATED SYSTEM: Our state of the art electronic medical record system is customized to share information with our patients, and to update our referring physicians in a very timely manner.

BEST PATIENT SERVICES: Whether it is providing our patients with the ability to schedule an appointment online 24/7, or giving them access to their reports via the patient portal, our system is devised for ease of use, at the same time with patient confidentiality and privacy in mind. Most of the times, we schedule the patient’s first visit with our doctor, within a week after receiving a referral.