Venous reflux (flow of blood from deep to superficial veins) eventually causes superficial veins to become dilated and tortuous. Often painful and unsightly, varicose veins typically have a bumpy or rope-like appearance and may occur in almost any part of the leg. Clinically, varicose veins are most relevant in the back of the calf, or on the inside of the leg between the groin and the ankle. Common symptoms include itching, burning, and fatigue. In more severe or chronic cases, varicose veins can be debilitating and limit a person’s mobility.
Common causes of varicose veins include a family history of varicose veins in one or both parents or first degree relatives, multiple pregnancies, obesity, professions involving standing for a long time like chefs, nurses and construction workers. Another important cause is the history of deep vein thrombosis and sometimes, we see patients with varicose veins with none of the said risk factors or history.

Comparison between Endovenous Ablation & Vein Stripping

Fortunately, over last couple of years quite a few innovative, nonsurgical, minimally invasive varicose vein treatments have been approved by FDA. We use almost all of them and help our patients to pick the most effective and least painful option.

Stripping & Ligation Surgery

  • General Anesthesia is required
  • Hospitalization is required
  • Pain level 9-10/10
  • 3-5 day recovery time
  • Risk o DVT, infections & bleeding can be high
  • Very Expensive

Endovenous Ablation

  • Gen anesthesia not needed
  • Hospitalization not needed
  • Minimal pain 3-4/10 during treatment
  • Same day recovery
  • Risk of complications is low
  • Less expensive

Patient’s Opinions

I knew for years I had problems with veins but kept ignoring. I have always loved ballroom dancing and walking but realized my leg pains and aches were slowing me down. I had vein treatments at Boston Vein Care and couldn’t be happier.

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