Laser Veins Removal Treatment Center in Lowell, MA

Laser technology is applied for the treatment of red, small spider veins or big bluish (varicose) veins appearing on the face and legs. The cause for these veins varies from person to person. For example, they can result from pregnancy, heredity, or sun exposure. Many of our patients have lived with veins on the face and the legs, or from complications of discoloration and wounds.


Laser energy is absorbed by hemoglobin in the blood within the vein and converted into heat energy. When heated blood radiates heat, it damages the cells of the vein and this will result in vein closure. Treatment of unsightly leg veins requires a comprehensive understanding of the venous system. It is very important to see a vein doctor in order to rule out underlying venous reflux or leaky veins. By combining the technology and physician knowledge, in Varicose veins laser surgery in Framingham & Wellesley MA, we can treat both superficial spider veins or larger varicose veins to get the best results. Our patients are pleased with the outcomes.


“I had seen many doctors and have visited EDs many times and felt there was no way out of my symptoms and veins till I came to Boston Vein Care. I usually dont give reviews but felt it was important……….”