Cory is a board certified registered vascular specialist, in good standing, with registry acquired through Cardiovascular Credentialing International ( CCI ). Cory serves as technical director for our vascular lab and brings 16 years of vascular ultrasound experience and expertise to the Boston Vein Care practice.  His attention to detail is represented not only in his work but, in the way in which he presents himself to his patients and their needs. Cory’s expertise includes but not limited to carotid, upper and lower extremity venous and arterial, lower extremity venous reflux/ incompetence, renal artery, lower extremity arterial bypass grafts and many more.

Cory welcomes new challenges and is very interested in bringing new areas of diagnostic scanning to vascular ultrasound, such as carotid intima-media thickness screenings and lower extremity arterial duplex scanning. Cory is hands-on in vascular procedures assists our doctors with procedures such as Endo-venous laser Treatments ( EVLT)  and phlebectomy. He is up to date on all sterile techniques.  Cory is also BLS certified.



Richard, a registered vascular technologist (RVT), always wanted to work in a highly professional environment, which he considers to be the key factor to the patient’s satisfaction. And that is his personal agenda. Since his graduation in 2007 from NOVA Southeastern University where he vigorously practiced academic and clinical training curriculum to receive his Bachelor of Health Science degree in Vascular Ultrasound Technology, he encompassed extensive experience throughout his almost 9 years working in this field as RVT.

Richard thrives on excellent work competencies, ethical values, and interpersonal skills anchored by his friendly and honest personality. In his dictionary, the word “mediocracy” does not exist. As a Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT), he offers compassionate, highly skilled, and professional non-invasive vascular ultrasound services with the focus on venous insufficiency. Since joining Boston Vein Care, he has been a great asset to our professional healthcare team.



Scott has enjoyed helping patients during his many years of healthcare experience, in his personal capacity and as a registered vascular technologist (RVT), with the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS). His expertise includes but not limited to performing vascular studies such as venous reflux/incompetence, carotid, renal and lower extremity arterial studies to investigate PAD. Most recently his career has taken him to the office and hospital settings where his personal skills and professional experience are appreciated very much. He believes in learning from others every day and treats others as he would like to be treated. Patient safety, service, and HIPPA compliance are always among the part of whatever he does.

We are proud of Scott’s accomplishments. He has an associate and a Bachelor’s degree in Science from the University of Massachusetts, a Masters degree in Science and Leadership from the Northeastern University and received specialized training at the Muscular Therapy Institute in Boston and at Boston University. We appreciate his role with us as an independent contractor helping us in our lab accreditation and quality control.