Success Story After Many Setbacks Elsewhere *

"I had seen many doctors and have visited EDs many times and felt there was no way out of my symptoms and veins till I came to Boston Vein Care. I usually dont give reviews but felt it was important.........."

Vein Treatments From A to Z *

"I was told by many doctors my veins cant be fixed and I will have to use compression stockings for rest of my life. I am glad I continued my search and found Dr Habib...."

El Tratamiento fue Muy Facil *

"Fui tratada muy bien por todo el Staff. El horario es muy flexible. El tratamiento dura de 30 minutos a 1 hora. El doctor es excelente, te escucha y te hace sentirte muy comodo. El doctor es muy respetuoso, carismatico y profesional!"

Love Walking & Dancing Again *

"I knew for years I had problems with veins but kept ignoring. I have always loved ballroom dancing and walking but realized my leg pains and aches were slowing me down. I had vein treatments at Boston Vein Care and couldn't be happier."

I Love Dresses Again *

"Over the past few years I have noticed my legs looked older than me. Broken and bluish veins were taking over. After my first treatment at Boston Vein Care I noticed a dramatic improvement and now I can wear the dresses I always wanted to and no need of leg make up anymore, thank you Boston Vein Care."

Had Vein Treatments Before *

"I had a lot of vein treatments before but no body bothered to look what was the cause for repeated problem. At my first visit at Boston Vein Care I found Dr. Habib worked hard to find the underlying cause and then making a comprehensive vein treatment plan. After my treatments all my leg aches, heaviness, pain and blue veins are gone."

Tuve Muchos Problemas Con Venas *

"Hace mucho tiempo que he querido tener cirugía en las venas porque siempre tenia complejo, pero investigué de un doctor bueno, que el hace un buen trabajo. He ido a dos citas y me ha hecho un trabajo bien bueno. Yo tuve muchos problemas con Dolores en las piernas, presión en las piernas, pero ahora después que me hicieron la cirugía de la inyección me siento mejor y no me da mucha presión, y puedo hacer muchas cosas que no hacia antes. Ahora me siento mas major y le doy gracias a el por el trabajo bueno que ha hecho"

Wonderful Care & easy system *

"I had done some research online but was still confused. I made an appointment online, got confirmation email in next few minutes, arrived & found a very caring staff. I felt very comfortable from my first consultation & treatments well as expected. I am very happy with the results."

No Need To Hide My Legs *

"After many years, I feel there is no need to hide my legs. It has brought me a liberating feelings and I plan to spend most of my weekends on beach this summer. After vein treatments I ended up going back to Boston Vein Care for Hydrafacial treatments, so it is not only the legs which are better, face is fresh and bright too, thank you."

Ugly Veins Are Gone *

"Ugly veins are gone and no spiders anymore. I feel so well, no aches and pains and I love the way my legs look, thank you everybody at Boston Vein Care!"

It's Really A Complete Vein Center *

"Was not sure when I went to Boston Vein Care after having a burn on leg from skin laser treatments for spider veins in a so called med spa. Found this place inviting, staff knew what they were doing. They were very detail oriented and Dr. Habib found spider veins simply a sign of underlying leaky veins. Needed ultrasound, got varicose veins zapped with laser inside the vein, even better it was covered by my health insurance. Then they went on to do foaming treatment with ultrasound and eventually came to spider veins. So far extremely happy, no more skin burns, no return of spiders. Impressed how thorough and caring this practice is towards complete vein care."

*Disclaimer: Individual results will vary.

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