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Compression socks not needed

Venaseal- How it works

Venaseal in the latest advance in varicose vein treatment and the least painful and most comfortable procedure used to treat varicose veins.

  • Local anesthesia is administered to number the skin.
  • Access into the vein is achieved.
  • Soft tube/catheter is advanced to upper part of leg.
  • Medical glue is delivered into the vein to be treated.
  • Manual compression is applied where glue had been injected.
  • Glue closes the vein.

Non- Thermal, Non- Tumescent

Endovenous procedures like endovenous laser and radiofrequency based procedures were a huge step forward compared to vein stripping and ligation. Still in said endovenous procedures  heat is used to varicose veins, requiring multiple needles sticks to administer tumescent anesthesia around the vein. That is not the case with Venaseal.

  • No heat is involved in Venaseal.
  • Tumescent anesthesia is not needed in Venaseal.
  • Venaseal avoids multiple needle sticks which are required in endovenous laser ablation.
  • Result is lot less pain and none to minimal bruising.

No Need of Compression Stockings

Venaseal is the only procedure to treat varicose which doesnt require the use of compression stockings after treatment.

  • Venaseal add another layer of patient comfort by not requiring compression stockings post treatment.
  • Recovery is quick & smooth.
  • No need to use strong pain killers being not a heat based treatment.
  • Eliminates the nerve injury which sometimes can cause nerve pain for endovenous thermal ablation procedures.
  • No risk of endovenous heat induced thrombosis.