At Boston Vein Care we have a special interest in sclerotherapy. We have pioneered spider vein treatment protocols that achieve the most enduring and cosmetically successful resolution. We rarely use hypertonic saline as it does not provide long-term treatment for spider veins, can be a very painful procedure and we have witnessed skin ulceration from its use at other practices. State of the art infrared visualizing equipment used in Boston Vein Care enables us to see up to 7mm under the skin. This helps us to target more spider veins, as well as locate, and treat the feeder veins.

How are Boston Vein Care Sclerotherpay Treatments Difference?

Being a physician-led procedure in our vein center with offices in Boston, Wellesley MA and Chelmsford MA, we can use doctor only sclerosing agents like Sodium Tetradecoyle (STD), Polidocanol, Glycerin and much more.

  • Physician performed treatments
  • Vast experience
  • With choice of physician only sclerosants
  • Readiness to handle for any allergic reactions
  • Track record of best possible results
  • Treatments start from root causes or big veins.

Difference between Ultrasound Guided vs Visual Sclerotherapy

At Boston Vein Car we perform both visual sclerotherapy and ultrasound guided sclerotherapy.

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy

  • Ultrasound add safety of treatment
  • Mostly used for bigger veins
  • Vein not visible to naked eyes
  • Helps stay away from deep veins & arteries
  • Mostly used for medical venous disease patients

Visual Sclerotherapy

  • Generally very safe in experienced hands
  • Visual sclerotherapy is mostly used for small veins
  • Veins are superficial & easily visible
  • Commonly used for cosmetic treatments
  • Requires two to three treatments for descent results

Foam Sclerotherapy, and is it Better?

Foam sclerotherapy is relatively new sclerotherapy technique and when used in combination of other treatments it can get excellent cosmetic results and best symptoms releif in vein patients.

  • Process making makes sclerosant strong
  • Mostly used to bigger treat 2-4mm veins
  • Gets best results for somewhat deep veins
  • Required deep knowledge of venous anatomy
  • Can result in pigmentation

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