Phlebectomy is another procedure which can be used to treat medium or large sized tortuous veins not amenable to endovenous ablation treatments. At Boston Vein Care, ultrasound assisted sclerotherapy is our preferred method of treating reticular veins because it eliminates the need for local anesthesia. Ultimately the choice between ultrasound assisted sclerotherapy and phlebectomy depends on the size of veins and locations. The end results are same after both procedures.

Phlebectomy Treatment Steps

  • Vein are marked in standing position
  • Sterile environment is created.
  • Under local anesthesia 2-3 mm incisions are made
  • Venous hook is used to gently fish & pull out the veins.
  • Leg is finally wrapped and patient is sent home.
  • Patient leaves walking within an hour.

Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy vs Phlebectomy, What is Best?

We provide sclerotherapy, ultrasound sclerotherapy and phlebectomy in Boston Vein Care and sometimes we have to provide all said treatment in single patient because many times patients have varying size of veins.


  • Phlebectomy is used for large, 4 mm or greater sized veins
  • Mostly used for very tortuous veins
  • Usually required after endovenous ablations
  • Results in best cosmetic results in symptom relief


  • Ultrasound guided or visual sclerotherapy is reserved for smaller veins
  • Avoids incisions
  • Usually more easily tolerated
  • Can be performed with history of keloid scarring

Patient Experience

Many times patients come to us after having undergone endovenous ablation elsewhere and after being told veins are going to improve, but that failed to happen and they continued with symptoms.

I had seen so many doctors over period of 7 years or so and had been told by so many doctors that there is nothing which can be done. I was told "yes there is experimental treatments being performed in Europe and may be after 10 years we will have them". I am glad I found Dr. Habib and have undergone endovenous ablation and phlebectomy and sclerotherapy and I am so glad. My leg which used to look like hamburger is back to normal..........

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