Sclerotherapy is to treat spider veins and prominent lymphatics. A chemical (sclerosant) is injected into the vessels, which makes them shrink. In our practice sometimes we use this technique even for smaller varicose veins.

  • 1

    Sclerotherapy is an elective and mostly cosmetic procedure and doesn't require any special preparation.

  • 2

    Treatment effects are mostly localized to a treatment site and in people without the history of cardiovascular abnormality should not have many systemic effects.

  • 3

    Do not apply tanning lotions or self-tanners to your legs the night before or on the day of your treatment.

  • 4

    Bring loose fitting shorts and the long skirt or long loose fitting slacks to wear after treatment.

  • 5

    Your treatment will take from 30-45 minutes.

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