Vein Removal Doctor

Our Vein Center offer a non-surgical alternative, called endovenous laser treatment. The procedure takes approximately one hour to complete and is performed at our vein clinic at Framingham MA & Wellesley MA border. Patients do not need general anesthesia and leave the clinic on the same day with little to no pain. Patients return to work and normal activities the next day. After the procedure, patients must wear compression stockings for about seven days.

Vein Removal Doctor in Framingham

If you have large, bulging veins, or if the condition is more severe, patients may need to return for additional treatments. For bulging veins, we  provide a special vein removal procedure by our best vein removal doctor in Framingham & Wellesley MA. First, one of our specialists will evaluate the vein disease, then be depending on the level of depth and specific diagnosis, we will recommend a specific treatment. We always choose the least invasive option. Most treatments have immediate and observable results. For some  cases, results be seen after a few days. Now large varicose veins also can be treated by our Vein removal doctors in Framingham MA & Wellesley MA. The procedure uses a non-surgical or minimally invasive treatment involving thin laser or radiofrequency fiber using local anesthesia around the vein. The varicose vein procedures are well tolerated and do not include  significant risk.

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