Spider veins

At Boston Vein Care we see the full spectrum of venous disease from spider veins to varicose veins and venous wounds. Some times patients come to us with not knowing that spider veins could be telltale sign of underlying venous insufficiency. If spider veins are associated with symptoms or have combe back after previous treatments, it is important to look for underlying cause and it may not be mere cosmetic conern.

Spider Veins, or Telltale Sign of Venous Insufficiency?

Suspicion for underlying venous insufficiency is raised when spider veins are associated with symptoms.

  • Spider veins associated with leg swelling.
  • Usually associated with leg pain.
  • Can have areas of skin discoloration.
  • Usually associated with itching or bruising.
  • Can leed to complications like wounds or bleeding
  • Mostly not only cosmetic concerns.

Cosmetic Spider Veins vs Medical Venous Disease

Some times patients come to us with no symptoms. They simply dont like spider veins and want to get rid of them as cosmetic treatment not covered by insurance

Cosmetic Spider Veins

  • Generally no associated symptoms.
  • Patients simply don't like them.
  • Can be successfully treated for most of patients.
  • Most commonly treated with sclerotherapy or laser treatments.

Medical Venous Disease

  • Generally associated with symptoms.
  • Affecting patients quality of life.
  • Need to be investigated for underlying venous insufficiency or leaky veins.
  • Usually require more than one treatments.

Spider vein removal treatments in Boston MA


At Boston Vein Care we treat spider veins either with sclerotherapy or laser spider vein removal treatments. Both are successful and bring good cosmetic results if used appropriately after good consideration to patients skin and vein size.

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