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Please pay attention to our available appointments between two offices. After you make an online appointment, on approval our system will email you a confirmation with final appointment date, time and office location. Please call us back if approved time frame doesn't work or you wanted to come in different location.

  • Monday 9-5- Chelmsford office appointments.
  • Thursday 9-5- Wellesley office appointments.
  • Friday 9-5- Chelmsford office appointments.
  • Saturday 10a-2p Every other Saturday, mostly in Chelmsford.
  • TO CANCEL Please call us on (978) 666-4200 ext 2 & leave a message or email us on info@bostonveincare.org, at least 48 hours in advance to avoid "late cancellation or now show fees".


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  • Dont you hate waiting in doctors office and filling long forms? we do too!
  • Please download our patient intake forms by clicking on link below, complete them in the convenience of your home and bring them with you at the time of your appointment or fax them to (888) 561-3002, even before your appointment.
  • If you can bring completed forms with you, we will try our best to keep your wait time to minimum (currently between 5-10 minutes for patients with completed forms).
  • Please bring your insurance card and a photo ID with you as well.
  • We charge now show and late cancellation fees, to avoid them, please call our office at least 48 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you can not your scheduled appointment.

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 Q:What is best way to make an appointment?

Answer:Making online appointment is most convenient for our patients & best for our system. This way you can see what is available on our end and pick time which is most convenient for your schedule. Online appointments also minimize data entry mistakes like name and email address spelling mistakes more likely to happen when we get this information on phone.

 Q:What is cost of consultation?

Answer:If you are coming for a medical vein or vascular problem, you will pay your normal co-pays for visiting a specialist. Patients coming for cosmetic vein disease pay $50 as consultation fee. It goes towards treatment or procedure cost as long as patients avails treatment within 30 days after consultation.

 Q:Are varicose vein treatments covered by health insurances?

Answer:Venous reflux (leaky veins) and varicose veins are one of most commonly overlooked medical conditions. Many times patients have been suffering from one or more symptoms like leg pains, heaviness, swelling, skin discoloration, ulcers with or without prominent veins for years before coming to us. If patients have any of said symptoms it is considered medical venous disease and covered by most health plans.  to see complete list of health insurance we work with. Many times patients come to us and have spider or even big varicose veins which are not causing any of said symptoms and not affecting quality of life one way or other. Later is considered cosmetic vein conditions and not covered by health insurances.

 Q:Do you have late cancellation and no show fees?

Answer:Yes, but it can be avoided by calling or emailing us requesting change of appointment at least 48 hours before scheduled appointment.